Private visit visa

A visa for private visit shall be issued to foreigners and stateless persons who arrive on the basis of application of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the foreigner or stateless person who resides in the Republic of Azerbaijan permanently, the migrant worker who possesses a permit to reside in the Republic of Azerbaijan temporarily or the foreigner or stateless person who studies in the country (only for family members of the migrant worker or foreigner and stateless person who studies in the country). Duration of stay in the country on the basis of a visa for private visit shall be up to 90 days.

Required documents:

1.Visa application form. To fill out visa application form:

  • Step 1: visit
  • Step 2: Register on “Sign up” page.
  • Step 3: Fill out the “Application form”.
  • Step 4: Submit the application form.
  • Step 5: Print the completed application form received by e-mail.

2.Original passport.

  • The passport must be valid for no less than three months after the date of your planned departure from Azerbaijan.
  • Non-Malaysian citizens should present Malaysian residence pass.

3.Two passport sized photos of the applicant.

  • Photos must be taken within the last 6 months to reflect the current appearance.
  • Color photos must be full face and white background.

4.Visa fee (Payment method: bank transfer/ATM deposit).

For Malaysian nationals

  • Single entry - 20 USD
  • Multiple entry – 350 USD

For other nationalities see here;

Visa processing fee should be transferred to the following bank account of the Embassy;



Account No:               

Malaysian ringgit: 5144 2230 5596

US dollar: 7144


  • Please note that visa fee is non-refundable and confirmation of the payment should be submitted to the Embassy.

5.Letter of invitation.

  • An invitation letter from Azerbaijani citizen or foreign citizen currently residing in Azerbaijan along with copy of their Azerbaijani ID (şəxsiyyət vəsiqəsi);


6.Copy of flight itinerary (optional)

Applicant must submit:

  • copy of flight ticket;
  • copy of car registration document and drivers license, if he/she planning to travel by car.


8.Proof of accommodation

  • Hotel reservation, rental agreement of house / apartment, etc.


Important notice:

  • Only complete applications can be accepted. The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents/information not indicated on the list above.
  • Processing time is up to 10 days. The day of submission/delivery of documents by mail is not included in processing time. Visa processing starts only after all required documents are available for the Embassy.
  • Office hours of the Consular Section are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 12:30
  • Foreigners and stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for a period of more than 15 days must get registered upon place of stay. To do so, foreigners and stateless persons or administration of the place or owner of the residential area (“receiving party”) must submit the application and copy of visiting person’s passport (other border crossing document) to the State Migration Service via official webpage (, e-mail ( or in person within ten days after arrival of a foreigner or a stateless person in the country.


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