Commentary on Armenia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' statement dated December 4, 2023

We vehemently reject the statement issued by Armenia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on December 4, 2023, in which it was claimed that an Armenian soldier was killed as a result of fire purportedly opened by Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan refuted the misinformation and bogus allegations, stating that the information released by Armenia was false.

The Armenian side's bogus assertion is aimed to conceal the disorder and chaos in its armed forces. Armenia, which delayed the peace agreement proposals for more than 70 days, is now jeopardizing the possibilities for normalization with such disruptive statements.

With such statements, Armenia also intends to generate fake tension in border areas and attract the attention of third-party states.

Azerbaijan, for its part, will continue its peace and reconstruction efforts in the post-conflict period and will steadfastly oppose any attempts to undermine this process.

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