Azerbaijan's investment appeal featured in Utusan Malaysia

Utusan Malaysia, a Malaysian Malay-language daily newspaper, has published an article highlighting the economic potential and investment opportunities of Azerbaijan.

In his interview with the newspaper, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Malaysia Irfan Davudov extended an invitation to Malaysian investors to explore the diverse investment prospects, particularly within the Alat Free Economic Zone.

"After gaining its independence, Azerbaijan has sustained high-level political relations with Malaysia. We aspire to transform these relations into mutually beneficial economic ties for both countries," said the ambassador.

Shedding light on the country`s energy policy, the diplomat gave extensive information about the renewable energy potential of the country. He also provided insight into the opportunities offered by Azerbaijan's expanded transport infrastructure on regional and global scales, the innovative practices in transit cargo transportation as well as Azerbaijan’s strategic location as a crossroad to Central Asia, Iran and Türkiye, and to a number of European countries.

The ambassador stressed that Malaysian investors' exploration of investment opportunities in Azerbaijan would not only enhance bilateral relations but also contribute to increased trade.

"The embassy is always ready to provide assistance to each organization interested in exploring economic opportunities in Azerbaijan, including organizing business trips and meetings with the politicians in Azerbaijan," the ambassador added.

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