President Ilham Aliyev was interviewed by Euronews TV channel

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was interviewed by Euronews TV channel on the sidelines of the High Level Segment of the 15th Petersberg Climate Dialogue held in Berlin, Germany, on April 26.

Correspondent: President Aliyev, it is a pleasure, as always, to be here talking with you. We are here in Berlin for the Petersberg Climate Dialogue. This really is the beginning of the road to COP29. You know, your team must be very excited. What can we expect from this year's COP, and how much is going to be actionable, not just discussion?

President Ilham Aliyev: We want to create an environment, which will be comfortable for all the parties. We have great experience in building bridges in the Non-Aligned Movement. As you know, we’ve been chairing the Movement for four years with 120 members. Really, I think we’ve made a big progress. We're actively working with countries of the European Union. We have signed and adopted strategic partnership declarations. So, in other words, the Global South and the West, and how to engage together in addressing issues of climate change, how to strengthen solidarity, share responsibility, and reduce a certain mistrust with respect to the issues of climate change, because, you know, different ideas, different views.

Correspondent: The idea of fossil fuels is something that dominated the headlines last year at COP28 in the UAE. I just wondered whether you think it is a positive development within the COP history to have a fossil fuel-producing country leading the way, making the changes and the transitions?

President Ilham Aliyev: That's actually what we're trying to achieve. One of my messages today at the conference was, “Don't judge us by what we have. Judge us by how we treat what we have, by our agenda.” And also, one of the issues that is important to understand, is apart from what I said about our involvement in Europe, in the Non-Aligned Movement, but also with some members of OPEC+ countries. We are already working with many oil-producing countries in order to create a kind of solidarity package prior to COP. What can be additional? I think that oil-producing countries, especially when the price of oil is high, should pay more, should give more in order to tackle the problem. So, solidarity is an integral part of financing and how we will succeed.

Correspondent: What would you love to be the lasting legacy for COP29?

President Ilham Aliyev: If we can make additional steps towards a green world and tangible steps with a continuation, I think that will be the most important legacy. At the same time, as you know, one initiative which is new for COP was already put forward by us—the creation of a Troika of three countries. So, using the experience of the UAE, and now Azerbaijan and later Brazil, to create this trilateral format of cooperation because these three countries are involved in different regional, political, economic, etc. issues. So, a combination of efforts, solidarity. We should stop blaming each other. Those countries, which do not have oil should not point finger on those who have. Small, developing countries should not demand big countries saying that “you are responsible for climate disaster”. So, this is diplomacy, policy, finance. And, of course, as a host country, I think we can create a platform for that.

Correspondent: Mr. President, always a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much for your time today.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you very much.


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